Planning permission submitted for Community Hub

Our Community Hub design has moved towards planning permission after local consultation.

The aim of the hub is to provide a purpose built, permanent home for our community activity in the village, as well as improving access to services.

Thank you to everyone who has shared ideas, expertise and feedback at our consultations, meetings and fundraising events. Your input has been invaluable we wouldn’t have reached this stage without your support.

Monmouthshire architects Hall + Bednarczyk produced our final design which is shaped by our local surroundings and your views and ideas.

The plan aims to balance contemporary design sensitively and cost effectively within our traditional village setting. The proposal has been submitted to Monmouthshire County Council for planning permission and the outcome is expected in early summer 2017.

The architectural drawings feature a curved roof inspired by the agricultural barns in our area, elevated by smart design and an airy, bright, modern interior. An added benefit to the slightly lower profile of the roof will mean that the hub is less costly to heat.

It’s important that the building will work for our whole community, so split-level rooms have been cleverly designed to maximise space, creating both a stage and separate areas for classes, groups and activities.

The entrance of the building includes a community café and there will also be an additional office space for service providers.

The planning and design process has been funded by our BIG Lottery (People and Places) capital development grant of £47,904, awarded in 2016. Quantity surveyors Adams Fletcher & Partners have helped to ensure the cost effective development of the design.

The finalised designs and planning permission will form the basis of further submissions to BIG Lottery, and to other funders including the Welsh Government. Once funding has been secured, the former Raglan Junior School site will be transferred to us by Monmouthshire County Council and construction can begin.

Raglan Village Hall Association Chair, Chris Butler-Donnelly, said: “This exciting, contemporary community building is much needed to create a permanent facility for everyone in the local community to share.

“Having up-to-date facilities and an attractive, multi-purpose venue on our doorstep will make a big difference to residents in Raglan and the surrounding areas. A wider variety of events and better availability of services will really benefit both local people and businesses.

“We would not have been able to reach this major milestone without the continued help and support of local residents, volunteers and partners, including Monmouthshire County Council and Big Lottery. It was really important to us that as many of our community as possible were involved in the design, and we’re grateful to everyone who contributed ideas and suggestions.”

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